Mechanical Mods

Advanced vaping; mech mods. We currently only sell Innokins 134 MX-M mod, which is an absolutely solid device. Check it out!

Using a mechanical mod should not be taken lightly - You should be fully aware of Ohms law, and it's implications in mechanical mods

Generally mechanicals are used with Rebuildables, where an Ohms meter or multimeter is a must. Anything below 0.8 or 0.7 ohms you should do thorough research on the batteries you're using and ensure their amp ratings are what they say they are. Most of the IMRs use are about 15-25A. Some batteries claim to be 35A or 40A but tend to fail when tested and come out more around the 20s range. Be careful with the batteries you're buying and avoid sites 

In a mech, you should be using high drain IMR unprotected batteries (IMR is just a variant of lithium ion batteries that do not violently explode to the extent of other Li-ion batteries when overworked, or worked just over their limits for too long [from auto-firing or shorting] - instead when heated up enough they begin venting much more than the other battery types)