About Vaperex

We are Vaperex, based in the North East of England. We truly believe e-cigarettes are the most significant health revolution since anti-biotics and vaccines. They are an amazing improvement on tobacco, offering a tiny amount of ingredients used by humans routinely in the western world (and well beyond), as opposed to the thousands of harmful chemicals and dozens of carcinogens (~69) inhaled when smoking tobacco.

The evidence is there, and common sense says the vaping revolution will not be stopped. Smokers, why not be a part of it? - not only will it change your life, it will become an enjoyable new hobby!

Customer Service - We aim to offer prompt and helpful advice and support to our customers, and vapers in general. Most issues can be resolved easily and quickly via email help@vaperex.co.uk, or you can message us on any social media (we're /@Vaperex) for a swift response [FB is generally fastest], or visit our contact us page). We can also be reached via phone on 0191 6456 121 for more complex queries, or if you prefer phone support.

Our product range was selected for quality and value, with cheaper entry level vape gear for newcomers who want to test the waters, and higher end advanced personal vaporizers which come with a plethora of different styles, features, and varying levels of performance